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La Gitana of Yelm

At our unique Pizzeria, everything starts with the energy of our “La Gitana Team.” You’ve heard the phrase, “Attitude is Everything.” All of us who work here endeavor to be upbeat and passionate about what we’re doing. We know that friendly service starts with the essentials of LOVE and JOY—those vital ingredients that touch and exalt people’s lives, and that make the world a better place.
Get unforgettable Italian dining experience from La Gitana the famous Pizzeria in Yelm. The unique and authentic taste of wood-fired Italian pizza, the best pizza outside of Italy in the cities Olympia and Yelm.

After checking our attitude at the door, our exceptional Chefs make sure the big wood-fired oven warms up to the right temperature. La Gitana has no industrial ovens that act like monstrous microwaves. And we do not cook in any metal pan; only on specialized rocks inside the oven.

Our ancient cooking technique requires skill and experience because the oven is very hot. (The pizza will burn if one is not entirely present.) Our Chefs carefully monitor a delicate process as they “dance around their cauldron” to bring about our award-winning product: Thin crust pizzas with the highest quality ingredients successfully blended together—to release those intoxicating flavors that have our guests coming back again and again.

And it’s amazing to us how many (countless) customers have repeated the same thing: “This is the best pizza outside of Italy!”

Whether you’re impressed by the unique taste of our Italian organic flour, the real tomato sauce, the taste of our authentic cheeses, or the piquancy of our prosciutto, it’s always up to the grand jury and judge—your taste buds!

There are many secrets to the success of our culinary delights, but we’ll share this: After exhaustive research and interviews, we have partnered with world-renowned suppliers and products and key advisers to guarantee an unforgettable “Italiana” dining experience.