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Can you smell that mouthwatering masterpiece from a distant land? The smell of fresh, hand-selected ingredients cooking in a big wood-fired oven? Countless returning customers can testify to that intoxicating aroma in our downtown Yelm location every day of the week.

Our popular Pizzeria La Gitana restaurant has the glowing reputation of making "The Best Pizza Outside of Italy". And along with our ambiance of “celebration and romance”, our all-natural, organic ingredients (many with gluten-free options) stand out like a lighthouse in a sea of greasy pizza chains.

The exclusive “La Gitana taste” and our first-class hospitality keeps bringing customers back for more in both Olympia and Yelm—where we have been awarded "Best Pizza in Nisqually Valley" every year since 2011. An unmatched seal of approval we are very proud of.

In Yelm, guests are treated to an unforgettable dining experience, surrounded by flickering candles and fresh red roses under the patio string lights. And friendly waiters make sure you get everything you want (except for the winning lotto numbers).

La Gitana's chefs always use organic flour, organic produce, and the highest quality imported ingredients to create an authentic Italian thin crust pizza. We also serve delicious pasta dishes, a variety of salads (using organic fresh produce), and an exciting variety of cheeses and cold cuts. And to top off the "yummy tummy", we serve only house-made deserts!

La Gitana's carefully-selected wines come from all over the world and our signature martinis—created with organic produce and organic vegetables—are a daily favorite.

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